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History of the company

In 1951 by the decision of the executive committee No. 169 "On the merger of the collective farms" Soviet Way "and" Memory of Kirov "into one enlarged collective farm" Memory of Kirov ". In 1960, the collective farms "Svoboda" Yagodnoye, "Memory of Kirov" were united into one collective farm named after S.M. Kirov, the decision of the district council No. 64 dated 10.03.60, The village of Yagodnoye became the central estate of the collective farm. Popov Fedor Fedorovich became the chairman. It is assigned to the collective farm of 17043 hectares of land.

By 1960, the collective farm had: 390 cows, 197 other cattle, 710 pigs, 229 sheep and goats, 2369 chickens, 238 horses. The collective farm had: 3 cowsheds, 4 calves, 5 pigsties, 3 poultry houses, 4 stables. In 1966, at the state farm named after Kirov - 68 tractors, 40 combines, 31 cars. Cash income was 1 million 39 thousand rubles in 1965.

The farm itself was formed in 1967 and it was called in a past life - "State Farm named after Kirov." At that time, it was conducting a fairly successful economic activity.

And our enterprise as "Siberian milk" was organized already in 2014. Over the years, we have tried to somehow make a difference in an extensive way trying to increase milk yield through improved feeding systems and increased discipline.

Realizing that following this path and not fundamentally changing the approach to production as such, we traveled a lot through the successful farms of the Russian Federation and understood where to move, developed the concept of industrialization and decided to lay a new farm for 802 heads with modern technologies.

After we made a decision to implement our investment project, we opted for the Holstein-Friesian breed and are planning to have about 500 heads.