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Overview of available animal breeds

Holstein-Friesian breed

The Holstein-Friesian breed is a high productivity dairy cattle breed. Related to the Dutch breed

The Holstein breed was created in the USA and Canada as a result of selection of the Dutch black-and-white breed of cows for productivity.

Most of the Holstein animals are black and white. There is also a red-and-white color, which is a recessive form. Live weight of first-calf cows is up to 650 kg, adult animals - up to 750 kg. The task is to bring the average live weight up to 800-850 kg. Live weight of bulls - up to 1200 kg. The height at the withers in first-calf cows is 137 cm, in older cows 143-145 cm, with a chest depth of 80 cm, and a width of 55 cm. The live weight of bulls at birth is 35-42 kg, heifers 32-38 kg.

In Russia, at breeding farms, the average milk yield per cow is 7340 kg of milk with a fat content of 3.8% (black-and-white color), Holstein red-and-white color - 4153 kg with a fat content of 3.96%.

Black and white breed

Black-and-white breed - a breed of cattle of dairy production direction. Related to the Dutch breed

Introduced to the USSR in the 1930-1940s. as a result of the crossing of local cattle bred in various zones of the country with the black-and-white cattle of the Ostfriesian, black-and-white Swedish and other breeds originating from the Dutch breed.

Тthe catch is somewhat elongated, proportional. The udder is voluminous, the skin is elastic. The cattle is black and white. Large animals. Live weight of cows 550-650 (up to 700), bulls - up to 900-1000 and more kilograms. Milk productivity - 8-10 thousand kg of milk per year in breeding farms and 4000-4500 kg of milk per year in commercial herds. The fat content of milk is 3.7-3.8%, the protein content is 3.0-3.2%.

Black-spotted cattle are well acclimatized and have good health. It makes good use of natural pastures and grass fodder - silage, haylage.

Jersey breed

Jersey breed is a breed of dairy cows. One of the oldest and most fat milk cultivated breeds. Fat content of milk - up to 6% or more.

Jersey cattle belong to small breeds of cattle with a height at the withers of 120-123 cm. Animals have a wide depressed forehead, highly developed eye sockets, and a short facial part of the skull; the neck is long, flat; the chest is deep, but narrow; the withers are often sharp and high, the ribs set obliquely, rounded; the loin is long; wide ass. Exterior and constitutional defects are common. The color of animals is red, light brown, there are animals with a dark shade, as well as with white markings on the limbs and lower part of the body, the front part of the body is darker. Bulls with a darker coloration of the head, neck and limbs, often with a black stripe along the back. The nasal mirror is dark, with a light ring of hair; on the inner part of the auricle and the lower part of the body, the hair is light; in the groins, on the udder and limbs it is dark.

Bulls weigh 600-700 kg, cows 360-450 kg. The average annual milk yield is 5000-5500 kilograms, the fat content of milk is 5-7 %%, in winter up to 11%, proteins are 3.2-4%. The milk is yellowish with large fat globules, so the cream floats very quickly and forms a clear border with the fat-free fraction