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Technical equipment of farms

Lely Astronaut A5

Cow comfort

With the Lely Astronaut A5, you give your cow optimum freedom of movement. Thanks to the free housing of the cow decide when to eat, drink, rest or milk. Features such as the hybrid arm and the I-flow concept, help cows follow a natural rhythm and increase the throughput of the milking robot. When the cow is healthy and calm, she gives more milk.

Ease of operation

One display is all you need for easy first milking. The user-friendly interface helps you quickly understand the functions, settings, information, and important reports. Automatic milking the way it should be: you enjoy farming and keep full control over the herd. Ease of operation, availability and serviceability in one system.

Return on investment

Every farmer strives to significantly reduce the cost of producing a kilogram of milk. This Astronaut is making a small the number of fast and precise movements required due to the electric drive, which makes it an energy efficient system. Thanks to fast and secure attachment of teat cups and a large reach of the innovative hybrid arm consumption energy decreases and productivity increases.


The Lely Astronaut A5 is focused on durability and reliability. Count on Astronaut to take advantage of the saved time and new opportunities. To achieve outstanding reliability and trouble-free performance, we redesigned the design to eliminate critical components and extending the life of the rest. This Astronaut is designed for your peace of mind.

Lely Juno

Benefits of frequent feed pushing

Increasing feed pushing frequency pays off: it stimulates frequent feed intake day and night, which increases feed consumption throughout the herd. This not only has a positive effect on animal health, but it also helps to increase fertility, productivity and your financial results.

Lely intelligent feed advance

The Lely Juno is your partner for intelligent feed advancement. The autonomous vehicle automatically travels along the aft lane. Based on the routes you have set, it moves along the feed table, and a rotating mechanism located at the bottom pushes feed in its direction. To rule Juno is very easy with the Lely Control Plus mobile app.

Automatic feed advance

Automation of repetitive pushing operations is able to ensure constant feed availability for cows and at the same time reduce labor costs. You will save up to 180 hours per year; this valuable time you can now devote to other species activities on the farm. Additional benefits - round-the-clock cleanliness of the feed alley and reduced fuel consumption, because now you don't need a tractor to push the forage.

DeLaval MU480


The DeLaval DelPro MU480 milking machine can work with a wide range of suspension parts, including those designed for cows with high yields and high peak milk flow rates, which allows choose the harness that best suits your flock.

Identity control

The intelligent identification system determines the cow number in advance from previous milking procedures. This speeds up milking and promotes consistency in work operations.


The machine is equipped with an ICAR approved milk meter, which provides internationally recognized milk yield accuracy. It is also equipped with an ICAR milk sampling system. Milk samples can be taken and examined at any time when the need arises.

DeLaval DXCE


The tanks of this model have an oval shape with a large cooling surface, which allows the use of high performance compressors. The hatch of such a tank can be opened both vertically and horizontally, which facilitates access to the tank. Thanks to this design feature, such tanks are ideal for dairy rooms with low ceilings. The DXCE type tanks are manufactured by DeLaval in five different sizes. This allows you to select the tank with the most suitable capacity for your farm, the dimensions of which best fit into the existing dairy room.


When the temperature drops, the milk becomes sensitive to mechanical stress, and therefore the blades of the mixers we use work at minimum speed. The location of the paddles has been specially selected to minimize the ingress of air into the milk to avoid free fatty acids. In addition, the spread of the low temperature created at the bottom of the tank throughout the milk volume takes two minutes, which helps ensure rapid cooling.

DeLaval DXOC


The DeLaval DXOC tank is supplied ready-to-connect, making installation easy and minimizing the associated costs. CFC-free high-density polyurethane foam prevents cold milk from heating up. Maximum temperature rise of less than 1 ° C in 12 hours (at an ambient temperature of 32 ° C), ensures the most favorable possible temperature for milk.


The double-plate evaporator helps ensure efficient heat transfer and cooling. The scroll compressor reduces energy consumption. Gentle mixing is carried out at the lowest filling level of the tank using an agitator with special paddles. This, combined with stirring at low speeds, means that the fat in the milk remains in volume without floating to the surface. To ensure the correct storage of milk, the agitator is fully automated. An air spring on the tank lid provides ergonomic, comfortable and easy access to the milk. Safe and secure movement of the lid is ensured with a robust double-rod handle.