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Jersey breed

Jersey breed

Jersey breed is a breed of dairy cows. One of the oldest and most fat milk cultivated breeds. Fat content of milk - up to 6% or more.

Jersey cattle belong to small breeds of cattle with a height at the withers of 120-123 cm. Animals have a wide depressed forehead, highly developed eye sockets, and a short facial part of the skull; the neck is long, flat; the chest is deep, but narrow; the withers are often sharp and high, the ribs set obliquely, rounded; the loin is long; wide ass. Exterior and constitutional defects are common. The color of animals is red, light brown, there are animals with a dark shade, as well as with white markings on the limbs and lower part of the body, the front part of the body is darker. Bulls with a darker coloration of the head, neck and limbs, often with a black stripe along the back. The nasal mirror is dark, with a light ring of hair; on the inner part of the auricle and the lower part of the body, the hair is light; in the groins, on the udder and limbs it is dark.

Bulls weigh 600-700 kg, cows 360-450 kg. The average annual milk yield is 5000-5500 kilograms, the fat content of milk is 5-7 %%, in winter up to 11%, proteins are 3.2-4%. The milk is yellowish with large fat globules, so the cream floats very quickly and forms a clear border with the fat-free fraction