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Holstein-Friesian breed

Holstein-Friesian breed

The Holstein-Friesian breed is a high productivity dairy cattle breed. Related to the Dutch breed

The Holstein breed was created in the USA and Canada as a result of selection of the Dutch black-and-white breed of cows for productivity.

Most of the Holstein animals are black and white. There is also a red-and-white color, which is a recessive form. Live weight of first-calf cows is up to 650 kg, adult animals - up to 750 kg. The task is to bring the average live weight up to 800-850 kg. Live weight of bulls - up to 1200 kg. The height at the withers in first-calf cows is 137 cm, in older cows 143-145 cm, with a chest depth of 80 cm, and a width of 55 cm. The live weight of bulls at birth is 35-42 kg, heifers 32-38 kg.

In Russia, at breeding farms, the average milk yield per cow is 7340 kg of milk with a fat content of 3.8% (black-and-white color), Holstein red-and-white color - 4153 kg with a fat content of 3.96%.